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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 7, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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novato thick fog down to a quarter mile even less in some areas and it is patchy watch out you could be in clear skies next thing like that you are in thick fog so be careful. light breeze at the coast mostly sunny upper 50s around the bay more sunshine, upper 50s to mid 60s. inland fog more sunshine than yesterday upper 50s to low 60s. pretty good so far. live shot of the bay bridge toll, good morning happy friday it is light now at 5:01, no metering lights and no problems on the upper deck incline clear treasure island tunnel clear eastbound 80 central off-ramp in richmond accident blocking that off-ramp, crews are there to clean it up. westbound 37 near sonoma raceway car off the roadway you can see it, no emergency crews to pick that up, they are on the way. south 101 before cesar chavez
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earlier accident cleared. 5:01. developing news from japan a powerful 7.3 quake hit overnight followed by powerful aftershocks. there are injuries. cornell bernard is live in the newsroom with the latest. cornell this had to be deja vu for many folks. >> reporter: scary reminder no tsunami warnings for us here on the west coast most of japan's north eastern coast has been hit and on high alert rather for a tsunami since that quick hit after 5 p.m. japan time, epicenter north eastern japan near the city of miyagi lots of shaking felt across japan in tokyo news agency lights were situation, workers held on to directions until the shaking stopped. shortly before the quake, japan's television broke into programming warning it was due
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to hit. people told to flee to higher ground right way that warning has been lifted. the same region hit by last year's massive quake which killed 20,000, triggered a nuclear disaster. the power company says there are no problems at any of its nuclear power plants. we are getting reports of injuries near the city of miyagi after the quake unclear how severe. so far damage appears to be minimal. america's most controversial sheriff comes to town this morning. the arizona sheriff known for his aggressive position on illegal immigration will be speaking in san francisco, hostile territory for him. terry mcsweeney is live with what to expect. >> reporter: the sheriff of maricopa county arizona joe arpaio the most controversial and tough sheriff in
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america speaking to an association of alarm companies today there's a convention going on some are alarmed that he came to san francisco, take a look last night he went to john's grill down the street on ellis and got a chance to meet up with the sisters of perpetual indulgence. he's very aggressive in enforcing immigration law. u.s. justice department says too aggressive they filed a lawsuit against him for racial profiling. parents and teachers had students write letters in spanish accusing arpaio of being a racist and breaking up families. he wanted to respond face-to-face and set something up for today, the school cancelled. >> he can explain every one of those allegations and let them know it is not true and try to educate them that we should enforce the law. >> reporter: san francisco district attorney gas gone
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knows arpaio, gascon was top cop in mesa in maricopa county. arpaio has been sheriff there for 20 years. he's not just tough on immigration. he's also tough on anybody who comes into his jail outside of phoenix. he makes the men wear pink underwear and eat greenaxñ3íkx. some would tell you, that's tough. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. argue over missing clothes has led to the death of a man in the east bay.- antioch police say, three men in their 20s confronted neighbors in the delta pines complex on sycamore drive yesterday and a fight broke out in the laundry room. the victim was shot to death during the altercation.
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32-year-old juan jose hernandez. police say he had nothing to do with the missing clothes. new information about the albany middle schoolteacher who took his life in september after he was arrested for committing lewd acts with an underaged student. 28-year-old james ismagilov -- james izetbegovic open -- kissed a student on multiple occasions the a lawyer who represents several alleged victims says the suspected abuse was the star of extremely severe allegations. the released documents are the tip of an iceberg. >> jeer hearing how a missing woman survived in the -- sierra for six days and her boyfriend lost his life. paula lane's brother found her in alpine county. deputies -- deputies say they
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went off the road after leaving sacramento last thursday to try out his new jeep then the storms hit and they got stuck in the snow. clifton left the car to find help when he didn't come back after a few days, paula set out on her own. crews couldn't find them her brother began looking on his own. >> last night, when my brother called, i took the call. to hear him say, i found her, i found her. i can explain it for you guys. >> paula survived by taking shelter in a hollowed tree, eating snow and tomatoes she had in the car. clifton drove around in a locked gate commissioner goodell defending the league's policy on concussions before last night's game he was asked if players might avoid reporting head injuries for fear they might be forced to sit out games? goodell says the league doesn't rely on
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self-reporting. >> it is not that simple, you got to have the teammate next to him, we have spotters. you want to make sure they are all evaluated properly. >> the question was prompted by the situation involving 49er quarterback smith, smith said last week the only thing he did to lose his starting job was to get a concussion and it is -- and sit out two games. 49ers celebrating mime stone. ceo york added -- his signature to a steel beam yesterday put in place at the top of the stadium that means the stadium has in kong instruction lingo been topped out. -- in construction lingo, been
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topped out. even though it was a bummer the raiders loss the fans enjoyed a nice night. >> they did. time to check in with [ laughing ] >> i'm sure they were loving peyton manning. >> poetry in motion. you gotta give it to the guy. >> he did have a good time, 310 yards. good morning. friday, yeah, all right, nine degrees cooler this morning than in oakland yesterday, five in san francisco, seven half moon bay mountain view san jose fremont three antioch everybody else double digits cooler than yesterday. most temperatures in the 40s, couple of 50s holding out, mountain view 50, san jose 51,
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santa rosa 37° right now you may want to grab a heavier jacket. temperatures in the 40s through 7:00, 4:00 dry air and sunshine, upper 50s to low 60s. i'm going to have another cup of coffee while you look at the three-day forecast, warmer through the weekend. san rafael golden gate bridge, four lanes southbound earlier roadwork, northern portion of the span picked up, fog-free also throughout marin county roadwork northbound and southbound 101 across the roadwork southbound waldo leading to the golden gate bridge closure for roadwork and northbound between sausalito and basically strawberry mill valley still
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lanes coned off until 6:00. drive out of antioch good, no problems, we wanted to show you the waze app, 580, 880 junction hopefully we can pop that up. the reason i'm showing this is because a lot of our traffic spotters reporting very thick fog through the san ramon valley. take it easy there. to navigate this mess you can go to google play it is free or the app store. 5:11. apple's huge patent victory over samsung may not be a long one why a judge may be ready to slash a jury's billion dollar verdict. the events sparks outrage not for the reason you might think.
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. good morning. 5:14. live look at dry embarcadero and the bay bridge in the background no rain but there's fog as well as chilly temperatures. >> yes. federal judge in san jose appears ready to reduce a one billion dollar jury verdict
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apple won against samsung. the judge told lawyers for both companies yesterday that jurors may have miscalculated damages and she was inclined to trim the award. a jury in august found 26 of samsung's smartphones and tablets were built with technology owned by apple. the judge says she would issue several rulings in the coming weeks. san francisco-based zynga wants to create a real money gambling experience for users. the firm has filed an application for a gambling license with nevada regulators. experts say zynga need as decisional revenue sources. new this morning, campaign finance filing with the government show the cost of the 12 presidential race hit two billion dollars. 86 million raised by mitt romney in the final weeks
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of the campaign boosted the total over the record mark. [ unintelligible ] controversy on the uc merced campus where student organization hosted a sex toy event. the group gets $66,000 each year from student fees. the sex toy seminar promoted on facebook critics argued it was a waste of money. the organizer says the event served an important purpose. >> a lot of things students don't know about toys safety measures they should take before hand. >> when it comes to funding the, c seems to ask for me. when money is -- money is spent on things like this
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maybe they are not thinking. >> university spokesperson says an administrator oversees the group and can prevent any programs considered inappropriate. popular fashion retailer h & m is offering to recycle your old clothes beginning february, from any brand in any condition and give you vouchers for future h & m purchases, as much as 95% of clothes could be reworn, reused or recycled. this move could help criticism that it promotes the idea of disposable clothes. [ unintelligible ] when an ancient ritual called the hand-me-down. >> for men it is well made, expensive, you don't want to
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throw it out. >> our trends don't change as fast as yours, lucky for us. >> the weather trends change quickly around here. >> changes from spot to spot here from vollmer take towards emeryville across san francisco look how clean the air is and calm the bay eithers are you can see reflection of the western span lights on the water absolutely gorgeous have to take a picture of that almost postcard perfect for this morning. no radar returns which means dry air down to san jose this morning. visibility the other big story.
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the bay, south bay coast is clearest right now. hopefully, we won't have to deal with flight delays. temperatures 37 in santa rosa, 50 mountain view, 51 san jose. mid to upper 40s around monterey bay and inland. we are off to a cooler start today without the clouds of yesterday most neighborhoods it is going to be warmer today, within more possibility of fog being -- one more possibility of fog, warmest afternoons sunday, monday, tuesday. south bay low to mid 60s, 62 san jose, up the peninsula, 63 los altos, upper 50s coast today to near 60 downtown san francisco, over the golden gate 59 in san rafael, a lot of 50s north bay near 60
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fog going to slow warming for you. upper 50s to low 60s the rest of the east bay valleys, low to mid 60s monterey bay and inland. tonight 30s inland and 40s, 40s stretch into the bay, 50 san francisco. the weekend temperatures are same tomorrow, mid to upper 60s sunday mid 60s to near 70 monday and tuesday, inside slider will bring more rain to the central valley and sierra wednesday and thursday and cools our temperatures into the 50s. early trip into san francisco this friday morning you are in good luck live shot of the rich -- i'm sorry bay bridge toll plaza light no issues coming into san francisco on the upper deck, problem-free to the
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san mateo bridge headlights westbound towards the highrise up and over towards foster city boulevard and san mateo traffic at the limit, both directions on the san mateo bridge good ride and fog-free. eastbound 80 at central off-ramp clear in the richmond area, earlier accident. the only working accident chp is reporting now westbound 37 before the sonoma raceway car off the road, green sensors not slowing anything in the area because it is off the roadway. having a tow truck arrive on scene to pull that car off and get it back on the road and going again shortly. for now still stuck there and traffic is getting by just fine. 5:21. there is a lot of anticipation for the new hobbit movie. why some say the new flick is giving them and you expected journey, in their stumps. wanted, caring -- in their
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stumps. wanted caring pet lovers. s " i'm paula faris.
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some fuzzy faces need your help this morning. right now the spca says it urgently needs volunteers to look after these cute puppies and kittens you can check them out at union square. people adopted more than 300 pet the holiday windows last year. this year, adoptions are down by 15 to 20%. spca says even a two hour volunteer shift would be a huge help. the time when cities and towns around the world are hosting tree-lighting ceremonies in south florida one tree is made out of san . the -- out of sand. the tree was lit last night it took sand sculptures five days to create the 400 ton mass -- masterpiece. that looks cool. >> that's what it is outside now, cool.
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>> or even cold >> thankfully no frost yet, 30s in some others, good morning by the afternoon 50s and 60s temperatures close to where we should be for this time of the year this is just the beginning of a warming trend that is going to put us in the 60s and 70s over the weekend. if you are traveling today, check out doppler across the state, dry, we'll have 50s and 60s in most areas 74 l.a., 82 palm springs. tahoe will be making snow mother nature not providing any. today 51 dropping to 47 tomorrow and 42 for sunday that will be the coolest afternoon. check out lows in the 20s when you know they will be making that fresh snow. have a safe trip, here's sue. light now this morning just fog in areas that you mentioned thick patchy fog northern marin novato farther south clear past lucas valley
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road and freitas parkway getting busier at the limit to central and southern marin no fog on the golden gate bridge they are down to four lanes southbound one accident off the road a truck tow trucks are on the way westbound 37 near sonoma raceway very foggy, that truck is 15 feet off the road crews may be blocking a lane we'll let you know. >> new hobbit movie producing more than rave reviews, some viewers have complained of motion sickness and nausea. warner brothers explained it was probably because of the speed at which the movie was filmed. the director shot the hobbit using 48 frames technology, double the rate most are shot at it makes images sharper and
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motion appear faster in 3-d some found unsettling. maybe that's what kate middleton experienced, maybe she saw the movie. >> maybe she did. 5:27. they thought they could trust him. instead some car owners think they've been ripped off. the consume -- the consignment dealer disappears with their vehicles. >> reporter: 7.3 quick hits north eastern japan. the latest video of the shaking, including a tsunami ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup.
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and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good!
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good morning i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. against fog out there.
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>> let's find out what is happening in your neighborhood. not like yesterday's fog, yesterday's fog soupy, a lot of the mist this fog not the same but very thick visibility down to less than a quarter of a mile in some areas not wet but tough to get around in some inland neighborhoods from the north bay to the east bay. cooler, 5 to 15° cooler, 30s north bay valleys, 40s the rest of us, 50 mountain view. a lot of sun this afternoon, temperatures holding in the upper 50s at the coast the rest of us in the upper 50s possibly mid 60s. light out there this morning as far as traffic. live shot san jose highway 87 northbound direction getting busier as you make your way later in the morning fog-free and moving nicely same with macarthur maze 80 westbound,
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580 looks good 880 into the bay bridge toll no delays. waze app this is pleasant hill, walnut creek, a lot of traffic spotters are mentioning very thick fog through the san ramon valley and elsewhere, and beyond. download this free app to get your way around it is free on the apple app store and google play >> developing news aftershocks still rocking japan six hours after a powerful 7.3 quake. we are getting new video. cornell bernard is monitoring it all. >> reporter: scary reminder of last year's quake tsunami warning lifted for north eastern japan we are getting new video showing how bad the shaking was. it was a crowded electronics store in tokyo where the 7.3 quake stopped shoppers in their tracks many tried to
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catch their balance. everyone kept their cool lots of shaking in the center. the merchandise appeared to stay on the shelves. alarms were going off in the store. japan's north eastern coast has been on high alert for a tsunami since the quick hit epicenter north eastern japan near miyagi. the shaking was felt all across the country. before the quake japan's television broke into programming warning the quake would hit then came tsunami warnings for coastal regions, people told to flee to higher ground. the tsunami warning lived. the same region hit by last year's massive quake which killed 20,000 and triggered a nuclear disaster. today the power company says there are no problems at any of its nuclear power plants. cornell bernard, abc7 news. this morning, dozens of car owners in the south bay are wondering if they were too trusting, they were trying to
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sell their vehicles through a consignment business. that business is closed and the cars are gone. a story only on -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: this place is supposed to be selling cars for people, instead there's an empty lot, nothing here even the office is closed no sign no notice nothing here. sunnyvale motor cars would contact people trying to sell their car on craigslist and would offer to sell it for them now they appear to be gone. there's evidence of disgruntled customers on the internet, full of complaints. we met a couple who wasn't aware. they had a yukon, they are busy they didn't have time to sell, they thought this would be the perfect solution. >> i feel a big knot in my stomach, we trusted this guy, because of our rush running, running everywhere work-wise
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we thought he could help us and we trusted him. we guy him this information but you know what, he just ditched us. >> reporter: the company makes people sign their title over to them, so they can sell the car some are trying to stop that title transfer that says -- if their car is found they will still own it. at this point the cars have vanished with the people who own this place. when you call voice mail says it is full. police say they are aware of the issue, it is still early. people are still coming forward. they are looking into it. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:35. raiders' fan is in serious condition after falling from the third deck of the coliseum to the lower concourse. you can see in the video how long a fall that is, 50 feet, the man fell shortly after kickoff, not clear whether he jumped or fell, police believe
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it is an accident. oakland police are investigationing while the man recovers from his injuries. -- cause of a fire under investigation the fire started before 9:30 last night at the evergreen shopping center. it took firefighters 40 minutes to control the flames. customers were evacuated from the building. no reports of injuries. same-sex couples could get an answer about whether they can get married in california, when the nation's highest court meets this morning. the supreme court justices are expected to discuss challenges to prop 8, the ban on gay marriage and whether they will consider the case in the coming months. lower court ruling struck down the measure if they decide not to take the case that ruling would stan and gays and lesbian couples would -- would
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stand and gays and lesbian couples could wed in california as soon as next week. stay with abc7 news on this story we'll bring the announcement, the moment it comes down. the labor department released latest jobs report with better news than anticipated, unemployment rate 7.7% down from 7.9% in october. there were 146,000 jobs created last month, higher than forecasted. the labor department says superstorm sandy did not significantly impact the number of jobs created last month. military vets in the bay area have an advantage in the hiring process if they are interested in working at rapid transit. bart board of directors approved new hiring policy giving military vets press -- preference in the hiring process. starting january 1st the policy will give candidates 5% chance overcome . bart says those eligible must have at 181 days of active
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status and honorably discharged. starting this morning wells fargo will begin granting $20,000 to east bay home owners who qualify for down payment assistance. part of a settle with the justice department. wells fargo offering five millions in assistance in areas most impacted by the housing crisis, to see if you qualify stop by the oakland convention center marriott hotel on broadway the two-day event runs from 10 to 7, today and tomorrow. weather for those events should be fine, dry and we are going to start to warm up. this morning it is hard to believe. >> kind of chilly out there this morning, even cold. absolutely, once those clouds left, it left a blanket therefore, the temperatures dropped like a rock there's so much moisture operate ground without the clouds that moisture escaped the ground now creating thick fog you can see it on live doppler, from the east bay valleys up through the delta
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communities into the north bay valleys, visibility a mile even down to an 8th of an mile in some spots livermore a mile at the reporting station concord six miles there's a lot of fog to the south of there, especially 680 and 24 quarter mile napa less in novato a mile in santa rosa. for the bay crystal clear outside this morning. absolutely gorgeous. we'll be foggy inland mainly in the 40s, through 7:00 then all of us will see sunshine by noon and mid to upper 50s during the afternoon may have a few high clouds dry air taking over upper 50s to low 60s by 7:00, heavy coat or heavier one than you've needed the last couple of evenings upper 40s to near 50. a little fog tomorrow morning won't be as dominant as sunday and monday's forecast more sun, mid 60s to near 70 for those two days. what
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good morning. pretty good so far, a couple cars backed up at the bay bridge toll to pay cash otherwise traffic breezing into san francisco on the upper deck out of antioch beginning to slow westbound highway 4 just about a 20 minute drive from hillcrest over towards the concord area fog in that area as well. out of the central valley from tracy 205 towards the altamont pass, speeds slowing there, things pick up once you get through livermore into the dublin pleasanton area 20 minute drive from altamont pass over towards stoneridge mall area and dublin pleasanton. bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit, no delays everybody getting off to a great start as you make your way wherever you may be going this friday morning. off the road westbound 37 near sonoma raceway, they are waiting for a tow truck, no delays now traveling westbound towards novato and past the
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sonoma raceway. >> 5:40. who says there is no such thing as a free ride! not muni. next, we'll tell you when you will be able to ride around town on the city's dime and why. leaving your car at some bart parking lots could be more expensive.
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good morning. live look, gorgeous shot of the bay area from our east bay hills camera looking at both sides of the bay bridge crystal clear here a little fog in place. meteorologist mike nicco tracking that for you. looking at the cold morning temperatures versus where we will get later on. sue has your traffic, next. if you park at a bart station while you ride, get ready for petition al hike. bart considering plan to raise parking fees by 50 cents, twice per year at high demand lots but would cap at $3 a day. currently computers pay $1 a day in most of the 32 stations.
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-- west oakland it costs $5. bart makes 15 million dollars a year from parking fees increase could mean extra five million dollars annually. muni offering holiday gift, free rides only good on december 28th, the 100th anniversary of the transit agency city transportation officials say lost revenue from that day will amount to .2% of muni's fares. muni was founded in 1912 the nation's first publicly owned transit system. eric you remember fares back then? >> a tphebl kell -- a nickel, i remember that investors taking a careful look at november jobs report better than most expected. >> here's jane king with bloomberg business report. good morning. the economy did take a hit from hurricane sandy but much less than what many expected.
5:45 am
during november there were 146,000 jobs created that was much greater than the 85,000 that economists had expected. meantime, unemployment rate fell to 7.7%. higher close for stocks yesterday on signs of possible progress in the fiscal cliff negotiations. netflix ceo in the hot seat saying the company's online viewing exceeded a billion hours in june for the first time. posting on facebook does not qualify as the fair public disclosure of information publicly traded companies are supposed to give. if you have a student loan it may get easier to pay it back. the program -- allows students who started taking loans after october 1st, 2007 to plead financial hard ship and limit payments and have the loans forgiven after 20 years. do have you old appliances
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that need replacing? the so-called consumer durable goods owned by americans are the oldest in nearly half a century. research says that could mean a big spending spree is on the way that could stimulate the u.s. economy. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. attempted jail break didn't go as planned. left screaming for help after he got stuck halfway through a wall. firefighters came to his aid. the 28-year-old had followed a fellow inmate, probably a skinnier one. officials say the first prisoner was, like i guessed, smaller man who managed to escape this guy, he was a little too wide. >> probably -- we have great weather
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coming our way, a lot of skiers are saying give us more snow. >> they will be making . this weekend temperatures in the 20s, tahoe they will be making it on the resorts that are open. good morning. here's a beautiful picture from sutro tower clean air over san francisco to the lights of the east bay hills. live doppler we can see top to bottom, east to west, dry radar returns not going to have any rain for a while. we'll keep it on, just in case. always like to have it up there, trying to find out when the next system is coming our way. 37 santa rosa, 40s inland, throughout the bay out to the coast only 50 mountain view, 51 san jose more milder spots, monterey bay temperatures mid to upper 40s even inland. today cooler start warmer
5:48 am
during the afternoon one more night of fog then sunshine and warmest weather sunday, monday, tuesday will coincide with the mornings with the least amount of fog. check out our average highs upper 50s to low 60s today close, couple degrees warmer concord 60. 61 oakland redwood city six city one san francisco 60 spot on in napa 60 san jose, sunrise 7:12 will set 4:51. upper 50s to low 60s everywhere even the coast today, monterey bay temperatures in the low to mid 60s not only there but inland maybe a few degrees warmer in the south, they don't have the fog. mainly 40s tonight, few 30s inland san francisco could hold on to 51°. sprawling area of high pressure going to build over
5:49 am
the entire west coast into saturday through monday our warmest days will be sunday through tuesday, inside slider the storm track will hit the central valley in the sierra wednesday and thursday, more rain and snow for them, slight chance of a stray shower for us, temperatures back in the 50s for highs wednesday and thursday fog in the north portion of the bay area, novato through vallejo highway 37 here's san rafael north past terra linda fog-free from marinwood, terra linda into central san rafael traffic moving nicely down to the golden gate bridge also fog-free, four lanes southbound no fog up and over the waldo just roadwork that should be picked up northbound sausalito to mill valley. not bad still out of the central valley up and over the
5:50 am
altamont pass highway 4 getting a little bunched up out of antioch, typical. east shore freeway from the carquinez bridge into the macarthur maze less than 20 minutes, nice so far light friday morning commute. the white house says president obama has called egyptian president morsi to express deep concern about the deaths and injuries of protesters in egypt this week. new video in overnight you can see large crowds of protesters in cairo expressing ager after a nationally tell advised speech by morsi they say he offered nothing concrete to defuse the country's worst political crisis in two years. opposition says would it not enter into dialogue with morsi unless he rescinds decrees giving him unrestricted powers. in a few hours, pearl harbor survivors will place an a wreath to mark the 71st anniversary of the japanese
5:51 am
attack on pearl harbor followed by a 21 gun salute more than 2400 americans died when the japanese bombed pearl harbor in a surprise attack before 10:00 our time december 7th, 1941. the attack helped usher the u.s. into world war ii. this afternoon sons and daughters of survivors will attend the 48th annual beacon in honor of pearl harbor day. coming up, tax refund checks california is itching to give away. what you need to know to find out if one is yours. despite that is leaving a rotting mess on a posh
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good phoerpbl. a lot of fog inland by the afternoon all seeing more sunshine than yesterday upper 50s to low 60s this is just the beginning of the warming trend doppler across the state you can see radar returns are well up into oregon, dry with 50s and 60s los angeles and palm springs mid 70s to low 80s there. if you are heading to the sierra tahoe will be making snow, mother nature not going to provide new powder this weekend. 51 friday, 42 for a high sunday. good morning.
5:55 am
so far friday light. good visibility on the san mateo bridge, traffic flowing nicely no delays, everybody is at the limit towards the highrise up and over towards san mateo eastbound hayward side too no metering lights yet crowded at the bay bridge toll where you can see cash paying folks are slightly delay. new accident sunol grade southbound 680 at south mission. 5:56. the state of california owes money to hundreds in the bay area and you might be one. the state franchise tax board is holding 48,000 returned tax refund checks worth 14 million dollars, more than two million owed to people in the bay area. refunds range from a dollar to $35,000. the post office returned those checks to the state because the recipients most and failed to update their addresses. to find out if the state has your money go to for a to the tax board
5:56 am
website. dead whale rotting near the malibu homes of streisand, dylan and other celebrities, causing gigantic cleanup problems. authorities trying to decide who is responsible forgetting rid of it. the 41 foot whale was found monday morning on a beach the city of malibu assumed the county would remove the dead whale the county insisted part of the beach private and not their responsibility. the whale has started to decompose, meaning towing it out to sea is no longer an option. 5:57. next from arizona to the bay. event bringing the country's most controversial sheriff to san francisco. we are continuing to follow developing news strong quake shakes japan over fight. later, making money from kate middleton the company hoping the duchess' pregnancy
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good morning friday 6 a.m. thank you so much for joining us, i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. brr, it is cold out there. >> let's check in with mike. lack of cloud cover out there means the temperatures drop like a rock overnight and the fact that we ha


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